Quality & Delivery

Quality Management Systems at Plastic Products of the South

ISO 9001 certified, Plastic Products of the South follows world-class quality systems in all areas of the business, and continuous improvement is part of our culture. From front office to shipping dock, we seek to eliminate waste and improve efficiency in every department, while also maintaining our leadership in customer service and flexibility. Depending on your specific needs we can also provide various quality checks such as finished part inspection, critical dimension verification, color matching, and even air or water leak testing.

PPS provides high quality, custom plastic products to many different industries:

  • Automotive Industry – components, fluid containers and vessels
  • Construction – hard hats, safety goggles
  • Fashion & Apparel – mannequins
  • Household – bottles and containers
  • Lawn & Garden – chutes, covers, tanks and safety gear
  • Marine – docks, buoys and floatation devices
  • US Military – storage tanks, vehicle armor and protection
  • Waste Management – garbage containers and lids